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Spilchuk Meats
"The Butcher's Plate.... Quality before Quantity"


Spilchuk Meats opened for business on November 26, 1996 from a bare patch of pasture land. Everything was built new from the ground up.

Spilchuk Meats is a small meat processing shop specializing in custom processing. We work mainly with beef, but we also process pork, lamb, goat, lLlama, buffalo and wild game. For two thirds of the year we focus on the custom processing of beef including cutting, sausage, jerky making and smoking. The remainder of our time is spent on other domestic animals and wild game processing. Spilchuk Meats processes a large range of wild game including moose, elk, white tail deer, mule deer, antelope and bear.

We process to your order. Spilchuk Meats also keeps everyone's animals separated so you get your own meat unlike other butcher shops where its common practice to combine all meat products and make large volume batches of sausage. This saves them time and increases their profit margins. Spilchuk Meats concentrates on the quality of the products we produce, not the volume and profit margins. This is expressed in our slogan "Quality before Quantity".

Spilchuk Meats offers high end old world meat processing. We process all types of fresh and smoked sausages of varying species as well as offer the curing and smoking of meats. We also provide whole muscle jerky processing not ground up extruded jerky.

In 2010 Spilchuk Meats hired employees to keep up with the growing demand from our customers. We presently have 58 years of combined meat processing experience.

Look for a line of Spilchuk Meats’ products for retail sale at Nutters in Estevan, SK and at the Regina Farmers Market in Regina, SK. We believe everyone should be able to obtain locally grown beef that is dry aged, processed and packaged the way it used to be.

We would not serve anything to our customers that we would not serve to our own family. "The Butcher's Plate. Quality before Quantity". Our slogan. Our motto. Our belief!

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Spilchuk Meats

"The Butcher's Plate...
Quality before Quantity"


Custom Meat Processing:

• Beef

White Tail Deer
Mule Deer

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